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Comments and feedback

genius wapenschild


  • Dear Luc,
    Thanks very much for providing a wonderful guiding service for my group of UK walking friends. What a great way to end a weekend in Belgium! They particularly liked the way in which you interwove 'The lamb of God' Van Eyck altarpiece story and mystery into the tour. People commented to me that you showed a deep grasp and passion for the subject matter and for Ghent as an important historical city in different from our experience with other good tourist guides. They also appreciated your extra help with meeting at the train station and sorting out tickets etc. The lunch venue was fantastic and great value for money for the location, building, food quality and service.
    Rod Nixon, UK
  • Dear Luc,
    I really like to thank you for the very pleasant guiding tour Saturday. Very much to be recommended! Everyone really enjoyed it; you brought it in a very pleasant way. Thanks a lot! We continued to enjoy our stay during the evening. The food was great and at the end we had a local Augustijn beer.
    Orinda, Drongen
  • Dear Luc,
    We insist in especially thank you for the fantastic guided tour. It really was a very pleasant city-walk. We learned a lot and it was truly a great personal enrichment. After so many years we now finally understand the story behind the: Adoration of the lamb. It was great to discover its mystery and all the typical characters that played a key role in the history of this world famous painting. We will come back to admire it again! Thanks again and we see you in Brussels next time! Kind Regards,
    Lou en Harri, Heusden
  • Dear Luc,
    Thanks for the amazing tour! Everybody was very happy! Super experience!
    Eve Termote
  • Dear Luc,
    I really like to thank you again for the magnificent walk! I learned so much, you are a super guide!
    Many kind regards,
    Ramina, Bruges
  • Dear Luc,
    A sincere thank you again for the fantastic guided tour! We enjoyed it so much!
    Kind regards,
    Ann, Maaseik
  • Dear Luc,
    Thank you very much for the guided tour. I really appreciated the quality of the visit, the various fun activities and your kindness. Your way of guiding is truly excellent. I learned a lot and discovered Ghent from a different perspective. Last but not least: thank you also for guiding me in French. Attached is a photo of the Myrtle plant... thank you so much for this gift!
    Valerie, Jodoigne
  • Dear Luc,
    Thank you very much for such a wonderful tour!
    We have learned so much about Brugge and all its anecdotes.
    We hope to be able to come back and to explore Ghent and Brussels with you.
    Stacey, Singapore
  • Dear Luc,
    Thank you very much for the super fun tour.
    You are the best guide we have ever had!
    Day trip municipality of Ternat Belgium.
  • Thank you so much for your excellent service.
    I can’t believe how much efforts you put into the tour.
    You even made a small present at home, this is astonishing!
    I never ask anyone else if I need to organise a guided tour in Bruges, Ghent or Brussels.
    Everyone appreciated your hard work.
    Thank you again, it is so important to have partners we can rely on. You are one of them, maybe even the best.
    Lisa, Austria.