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Guide Ghent, Guided Walk Tour 1: Discover Ghent, one of the hidden pearls in Europe according to National Geographic.

Genius Walking Tours guides in Ghent

  • A cosy city walk in the traffic free city center. We pass by the city highlights such as the Saint Michael’s Bridge, the Graslei, the Korenlei, the Castle of Counts, the medieval guild houses and the famous graffiti street.
  • Duration: +/- 2,5h

Guide Ghent Tour 3: are you a bon vivant? Don't hesitate and book now our surprising appetizer and aphrodisiac stories tour.

An animated walk with our Genius Guide, ideal as an eye-opener for a romantic day and evening in Ghent

Afrodisiacum Tour

  • A walk with pleasant anecdotes, great ambiance, all kinds of trivia, a bit of history of the city and not to forget our famous appetizers, chocolates and a glass of bubbles.
  • Duration: +/- 3h

Guide Gent Walk Tour 4: discover the Adoration of the Lamb painting with our Genius tour in the city Centre of Ghent.

What did Jan van Eyck want to show on Adoration of the Lamb Ghent Altarpiece?

Who are the characters on the Adoration of the Lamb and why do they appear on the painting of Jan van Eyck?

Learn more about the role of the Burgundian Dukes and the creation of the Adoration of the Lamb Ghent Altarpiece.

Become a knight of Ghent

  • You will find out more about the mysterious characters, plants, shrubs and curiosities on this world-famous polyptych painting by Jan van Eyck. A walking tour along Ghent's highlights and secret spots. Included: tastings, surprises, cosy break, farewell drink.
  • Duration: +/- 3.5h

Ghent Guided Tour 5: The ruins of St Bavo's Abbey in Ghent.

Admire the impressive remains of St Bavo's Abbey with a Genius Ghent guide.

Founded in the 7th century by St Amandus

Charles V had the abbey demolished in 1540 as punishment for the people of Ghent. In its place came the notorious Spanish coercive castle.

The unique site of St Bavo's Abbey in Ghent is a jewel, founded on the site where Ghent arose at the confluence of the rivers the Scheldt and the Leie.

A place where it is blissful to stay and where you can empathise with the origins and early history of Ghent.

Floralien Gent

Guide Ghent Guided Tour 6: Book now your Genius guide for a lovely guided tour and walk in one of the two most beautiful Ghent Beguinages

What is a beguinage, what is the origin of the beguines, how did the beguines live?

What were the rules in the beguinage? Who were their examples? A look into the history of the beguinages in Ghent

Ghent Beguinages

  • You’ll be excited by the truly unique character, the charm and quietness of the beguinages: Saint Elisabeth or Ter Hoyen. Recognised by the UNESCO as World Heritage.
  • Duration: +/- 1.5h per Beguinage.

Guide Ghent Guided Tour 7: Ghent stories

Tour and walk with stories about Ghent, its heroes, mythical figures, statues and impressive buildings in the city

Gent Mammelokker

  • A singing virgin, ferocious warriors, the disobedient people of Ghent, a dragon slayer, mermaid in love, the wise centaur, the smart daughter and so much more...
    You'll find out all about it in this impressive story telling tour about Ghent.
  • Duur: +/- 2,5h

Ghent tours with our Genius guide: read more about it, not to be missed!

  • Ghent, one of the new upcoming city destinations in Europe. The Genius Walking Tours guides show you all the highlights and secret places.
    They inform you where to go for a nice lunch/dinner, to enjoy the great choice of local beers, to taste the 'Jenever' and the famous ‘Ghent cuberdons’ (red noses candy).
    Of course don't forget to buy housemade Ghent chocolates and cupcakes.